How does the incubation process work?

The first step is registration via  our website’s form (https://www.eretz.bio/en/incubacao). Our team will contact the entrepreneur to answer any questions. When the startup is approved, our team proceeds with the incubation contract and holds an onboarding meeting with the entrepreneurs who then have access to our benefits and support.

Is there a membership cost ?

There is a monthly fee, which is determined according to the membership mode (in person or virtual).

What are the incubation requirements?

To become part of the Eretz.bio ecosystem, startups must hold certain characteristics. For a technological-base company, it is necessary to have a minimal viable product (MVP) for the healthcare area and a dedicated team to the project.

What are the advantages of becoming a member?

Eretz.bio Startups experience a process of strengthening and valuing their business. Entrepreneurs receive training, support from mentors, connections with investors, and potential customers and partners, in addition to access to all of the appropriate infrastructures.

Should my product exclusively meet an Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein need?

No. Eretz.bio’s goal is to leverage its startups to the healthcare market, having reached a level of excellence in their segment.

Do incubated companies receive investments from Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein?

The incubation process does not guarantee financial investment in the startup. However, the Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein has been active in early stage investments in recent years, being among the main investors in this segment. When considering investment, we look at the impact the startup project brings to the healthcare environment, as well as the potential form of collaboration between the startup and the hospital. If your startup is looking for investment and it fits this profile, you can sign up.

How do I present my startup?

To present your startup you need to sign up for a Pitch Session, which takes place every month, or fill out the incubation form.

What should be presented on the day of the Pitch Session?

The startup will make a 5-minute Pitch outlining, in general terms, the company, the problem, the solution, current stage and the team involved. Our team will ask some questions and explain a little more about the incubation process. To register, you must have a minimum viable product (MVP) or a functional prototype of the product.

How to be a partner?

Visit our PARTNERS section. There you can check out our guidelines and exclusive partner events. You will also find a form you can fill out and send  to our team, who will contact you as soon as possible.


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