Our mission is to foster the ecosystem of entrepreneurs who believe in innovation that can transform healthcare.

Our History​

Eretz.bio is an initiative by the Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein. Innovation, development, excellence, and a desire to improve healthcare are among the key values carried within the DNA of this over 60 year old institution. Eretz.bio was born with this mindset and continues with the same driving force since its creation in 2017.

Eretz.bio has led a series of initiatives for the development and co-development of innovative technologies and businesses with the objective to transform the health sector and support the development of new healthcare solutions.

Eretz.bio forms a multidisciplinary team in collaboration with several other departments, laboratories, and Einstein’s research leaders. This dynamic promotes business developments of numerous technologically advanced software and equipment solutions, as well as sophisticated intellectual property projects, including patents, industrial designs, and software registers.

Additionally, Eretz.bio establishes dozens of partnerships with several technology companies, pharmaceutical laboratories, universities, as well as with several healthcare startups from all over Brazil.

Eretz.bio acts as an enabler and catalyst of opportunities for all individuals in the ecosystem, generating a virtuous cycle.


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